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Texas Predator Hunting - Texas Hog Hunting

West Texas javelina/predator hunt.

If you are looking for an excellent predator hunt to cure your off season doldrums, we have a great option to consider. South Texas is a haven for coyotes, bobcats, feral hogs, and javelinas, and these critters provide an entertaining and unique hunting opportunity, especially when combined together.

Location of Properties

These hunts typically take place in South Texas, on multiple private properties. Hunters stay on the ranch in houses that vary from nice lodges to ranch style cabins. Hunters should schedule flights into either San Antonio or Laredo, so consult with us first.

Texas Predator Hunting - Texas Hog Hunting - What Is Included?

The specific harvest allotment is generally dictated by which property you book your hunt. Normally, each hunter is allowed to shoot coyotes, two hogs, one javelina, and can shoot one bobcat, but there is an additional trophy fee on bobcats, so check with us to see how much the bobcat trophy fee is because it varies on a couple of properties. Packages include meals, lodging, guide, game care, and airport shuttle. These are three-day hunts. No alcoholic beverages are provided, but you can bring your own.

Predator and Hog Hunting Seasons and Licenses

These animals can be hunted year around, but we normally schedule these hunts in February and March. Licenses are unlimited and guaranteed with a nominal cost of $48, unless you’re less than 16 years of age, which is only $7.

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