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We honor these credit cards:

Booking Procedures: Once a date has been identified for a hunt, we will email our client a booking agreement. If all looks fine, client can then print out booking agreement, sign, and return with deposit to secure the reservation.


Payment Policy: On flat fee hunts, a 50% deposit is our normal requirement, unless otherwise stated. Balance is due 30 days prior to hunt. Should any fees come due at time of hunt, such as on some of our exotic hunts that involve a trophy fee arrangement, payment must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, credit card (3% processing fee), or online payment where client can provide their banking information at a secure site through an electronic invoice that we can generate. No personal checks or business checks accepted at time of hunt.


Cancellation and Refunds: All payments are non-refundable. Should client have to cancel hunt, no monies will be refunded unless client can find replacement for themselves at full rate. Should replacement not be found at full rate, client will forfeit all paid monies. On hunts that require balances to be paid 30 days prior to the hunt (all flat fee hunts), should client fail to make full payment by that due date, we reserve the right to cancel the hunt at that point in time with no monies being due for refund to client. We recommend that client purchase trip cancellation insurance to cover such cancellation issues.


Rebooking Policy: Should client wish to reserve a first right of refusal to rebook their same hunt for the following year, a $300 rebooking fee must be paid within 30 days after the completion of the hunt. Once dates and prices are established for the next year’s hunt, client will be contacted and will then have 10 days to pay remainder of first 50%. Should client opt to not follow through with the booking at time of full deposit request, client will only be refunded the $300 rebooking fee if the price increase for the following year exceeds 10%.


Pre-Hunt Planning: Once the booking is secured, our office will provide a pre-hunt planning packet to assist with the client’s preparation for the hunt. Along with this information is our Hunter Profile form and we ask that all hunting clients and guests fill-out and return this form to our office at least 10 days prior to the hunt.


Gratuities: Though gratuities are not required on WSI hunts, it is customary for hunters to tip both their guide and the cook.  Clients should use their discretion in determining a fair and reasonable gratuity for the camp staff.  Camp staff always appreciates tips.  Here is a suggested “rule of thumb” on tipping amounts, but please consider that the cook’s tip may need to be higher, per hunter, if there are only a few hunters in camp.


   Hunt Price                   Gratuity Amount  Per Hunter

  $1,500 - $3,000         $300-$400 (Guide)        $100 - $150 (Cook)

  $3,000 - $5,000         $400-$600 (Guide)        $150 - $200 (Cook)

  $5,000+                     10%-12% Hunt (Guide)  $200 - $250 (Cook)


Hunt Exclusions: Miscellaneous items not provided with WSI hunt packages include hunting license, taxidermy, shipping of capes/antlers, airport shuttles, and alcoholic beverages. Some of these services or amenities MAY be provided for an additional fee.


Antlers/Capes/Meat: WSI does not ship meat. On some hunts, there may be an option to have carcass delivered to a local meat processor where meat can be fully processed and where the processor may offer shipping services, but those arrangement are strictly between client and processor at that point. For taxidermy work, WSI can arrange for that work to be done by one of the taxidermists that we use, and the arrangement will be between client and taxidermist of payments, mounting details, and shipping. WSI can ship cape/antlers to client, but there will be a service charge in addition to the overnight shipping charges for frozen capes.


No Guarantees: Due to the nature of hunting, WSI makes no guarantees as to the success of the hunt, or to the satisfaction level of the client, on any hunts that WSI administers. Should the hunt not meet the client’s expectations, no monies will be refunded due to such circumstances.

White-Tailed Deer


LA RUCIA RANCH - 18,000 Acres

Trophy Hunt  $7,300

Classic Hunt  $3,950


LAS ISLAS RANCH - 10,000 Acres

Trophy Hunt $7,700


YTURRIA (La Joya) - 5,000 Acres

Trophy Hunt  $5,950

Classic Hunt  $2,950



Trophy Hunt  $4,300


S RANCH - 8,000 Acres

Trophy Hunt  $4,300



Trophy Hunt  $4,300


ROCKY CREEK RANCH - 25,000 Acres

Trophy Hunt  $4,500


Click here for a complete list of prices

Other Hunts



Depending on Ranch - (inquire for pricing)


DESERT MULE DEER (call for pricing)





AOUDAD SHEEP - 400,000 Acres

2X1 GUIDE $5,500       1X1 GUIDE $6,000



A.S. GAGE RANCH -  $4,500




EAST RANCH -  $4,400


Other Hunts
Spring Turkey - (assisted) $1,950 - $2,500


Axis Deer Package $3,600

Click here for a list of exotic prices.

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