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Question: Why do the prices vary from one whitetail hunt to another?


Answer: WSI conducts whitetail hunts on many different properties scattered around the state. Each property is owned by a different landowner and WSI contracts with those landowners to secure hunting rights and offer hunts on these properties. We price our hunts on each property based on numerous variables including anticipated trophy quality, quality of housing, location of property, and cost of administering operational and management activities. As a rule, our quality of antlers is generally a bit better on our higher priced hunts, but there are certainly exceptions to this rule and in some years we will collect some of our finest bucks on our lower priced hunts. Also, a few of our properties are high fenced, and we generally implement intensive feeding programs on these properties in order to support a higher deer density and to elevate our antler quality, and the cost of these feeding programs is factored into the price.  Click here to see all of our whitetail hunting options.


Question: Is WSI a booking agent or an outfitter?


Answer: WSI is actively involved with the properties we hunt. We are engaged with all aspects of the hunting and wildlife operations on our properties from setting up wildlife resource management programs to promoting the hunts, and in staffing these hunts with necessary camp personnel. We do have a smaller "sister company" which is Wildlife Safaris, Inc., and this company does represent a handful of other hunting operations which are primarily located in international destinations.


Question: How do I know that WSI is not some "fly-by-night" outfitting business?


Answer: WSI has been operating as a full-time, full-service hunting company since 1987. We are staffed by two full-time employed wildlife biologists, have an excellent office support staff, and provide formal training of our camp staff personnel. WSI company owner has held offices in several professional peer organizations including Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society and Texas Wildlife Association. WSI was chosen as the 2002 "Dodge Outfitter of the Year" from a cast of over 450 outfitters in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. We can also provide plenty of references from past hunting clients.


Question: How soon do I need to book my hunt?


Answer: It depends. We do fill up on many hunts several months in advance. If you are interested in a fall hunt, it is best to have your hunt confirmed through a deposit by early February, otherwise your selection of dates and choices will be greatly reduced. Spring hunts should be scheduled by the first of the year. We generally offer our hunters "first right of refusal" to rebook the “same” hunt for the following year, so it can be difficult for us to anticipate what we will have available a year or more in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact us about last minute openings and opportunities as we can sometimes accommodate hunters with short notice.


Question: What services do you provide on your hunts?


Answer: Most of our hunts include guide, meals, and lodging. We also provide skinning, caping, and quartering of big-game species and fully process game birds. We do offer airport shuttle on many hunts, but you need to check with us regarding flight times and details as you may need to rent a car. We will provide all linens, towels, and toiletries, so all you need to bring is your regular hunting gear.


Question: What about hunting licenses?


Answer: We will be glad to take care of securing your license. We will send you a form in your Prep Packet and you simply need to fill out appropriate information and send back to us with license fees and we will have license in camp when you arrive. Texas licenses are unlimited and guaranteed. Hunters less than 16 years of age (including nonresidents) qualify for a Texas youth license which is only $7.00. There are no age restrictions to hunt in Texas.


Question: What is the best time to hunt?


Answer: This is a bit tricky. As all hunters should realize, it is next to impossible to predict weather and game movement patterns months in advance. However, we can confidently say that we do not feel like we offer any "bad" times to book your hunt. Due to the large land base we have, combined with our conservative hunting pressure, we are able to maintain a high success rate on all of our hunts year in and year out. Deer hunters are often consumed with hunting during the rut, but the rut is not always the easiest time to kill a specific big buck because of their unpredictability at this time. But, if you want to hunt during the rut, please check with us because peak rutting periods for whitetails in Texas varies from late October to late December depending upon region of state. Our best turkey hunting is sometimes late and sometimes early. As mentioned, we do not offer any "bad" times to hunt, so make it convenient on yourself by choosing a time that easily fits into your schedule.


Question: How do I get my meat and trophies back home?


Answer: We will quarter all big game animals and it will be your choice of either taking frozen quarters back with you or donating to a WSI designee. There are some occasions where we can take game into town to a commercial meat processor, but it is important that you understand that all arrangements are between you and the processor at that point. WSI does not ship meat. Any trophies will be fully caped and capes will be frozen. We can either ship capes/antlers back with you, ship directly to your taxidermist, or we can arrange for taxidermy work. If we ship to your taxidermist, you will be charged for UPS shipping, plus a WSI service charge. We will be happy to arrange for taxidermy work with our award winning taxidermist. Taxidermist will contact you, visit about pose, and request a deposit. When taxidermy work is complete and balance is paid, mount will be crated and shipped directly to you.


Question: Are your hunts guaranteed?


Answer: We do not guarantee a kill on any of our hunts. We will be happy to provide you with reliable hunt stats from the past, references, and any other information you may need in making your decision. Our success rates are exceptionally high on most of our hunts--every year. However, due to the nature of hunting, we simply cannot guarantee a kill. We will do our part to provide you with a great hunt and memorable experience, but you need to remember that it is important for the hunting client to carry their load as well. You can accomplish this by doing plenty of practice at the range and by attending your hunt with an upbeat attitude and a full understanding that there are variables outside of our and your control.


Question: What are your booking requirements and what happens if I have to cancel my hunt?


Answer: Our normal booking requirement is a 50% deposit. We will typically hold your spot for approximately seven business days and if a deposit is not received, we will consider that spot available. The balance of your hunt is due 30 days prior to start of hunt, with exception being on those hunts with undetermined amounts, such as some of our exotic hunts. Any payments due at time of hunt must be paid in cash, cashier's check, or traveler's checks. No exception. Should a hunter have to cancel their hunt, we will provide a refund only if that hunter can be replaced at full price. If we can replace hunter at full price, a 10% service fee will be deducted from amount paid and the difference will be refunded to cancellee. If hunter cannot be replaced, they will forfeit entire amount that was previously paid.


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