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This sprawling property is steeped in West Texas history. In the late 1880’s, one of the largest cattle operations in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas belonged to E.L. Gage. Gage registered the 02 brand in 1888. William Turney purchased the 02 brand in 1891 and began buying land that now constitutes the 02 Ranch, which totals over 270,000 acres. Lykes purchased the property in 1941 and family heirs still own the ranch today. The book, “Below the Escondido Rim”, provides an interesting account on certain aspects of the history of this unique place that situated in the Chihuahuan Desert. Located some 30 miles south of Alpine, the landscape on this property varies from vast desert flats, to tremendous canyon systems, steep uplifts, and scenic mesas. Cattle are still run over some portions of the ranch in low density numbers, and wildlife has been a focus of the operation in recent years.


The ranch is home to a variety of game including mule deer, aoudad sheep, pronghorn antelope, and scaled quail. Wildlife Systems, Inc. has been offering free-range aoudad sheep on this property since 2006. Our aoudad packages are set up as 3.5 day programs which include lodging, guide, and meals. Lodging is in a modest, but comfortable ranch house located in the interior of the ranch, well away from the disturbances of road noise and city lights. Aoudad sheep, which are native to North Africa, provide one of the best values for the dollar in North American big-game hunting. Most of these hunts are offered in September, October, and January – April. Non-resident license fees are only $48. Hunters can fly into Midland, rent a vehicle, and make the 3-hour drive to the ranch.


Most hunters fly in the day before the hunt, overnight in a motel, and then arrive at noonish so that they can comfortably fit in an afternoon hunt. This hunt is best suited for hunters who are capable of doing a fair bit of walking, sometimes over steep terrain and broken ground.

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