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Pronghorn Antelope HuntAntelope Hunting in New Mexico


Wildlife Systems offers pronghorn antelope hunts on the historic Day Ranch located between Clayton and Raton, New Mexico, near Mount Dora. Comprising over 50,000 acres, this is outstanding pronghorn country, known for its great numbers with quality horn characteristics.  This region is classic pronghorn antelope hunting terrain, with beautiful rolling grassland, and scattered yucca and cholla cover.  You may also want to spend a few extra days and enjoy the beautiful Sangre de Christo Mountains, just a stone's throw to the west of where these hunts rake place.


More About Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Pronghorn antelope are unique game animals, found exclusively in North America. Abundant throughout various areas of the West and Southwest, these animals are typical antelope in that they prefer to inhabit relatively open terrain where they can take advantage of their exceptional eyesight. One thing that does separate pronghorns from all other antelope species, and all other horned ungulates, is their horn structure. They are the only species to annually shed their horn sheath, and they are also the only animal to have a forked horn design. They are well known for their high-speed mobility and commonly referred to as the fastest land mammal in North America, thus making pronghorn antelope hunting an exciting and challenging experience. A mature buck may sport horns up to 17 inches in length but anything over 13 inches is considered desirable and most of our hunters take 13-15-inch antelope. They will normally weigh between 110-140 live weight.


What Is Included With Your Pronghorn Antelope Hunt?


On your New Mexico pronghorn hunt, we provide you with guide (2x1), meals, and lodging. Price for New Mexico Pronghorn hunt is $2995.00. If you choose to upgrade to a 1x1 guide, there is an additional fee. Lodging is provided on the ranch and is a very comfortable facility. Sleeping is typically based on double occupancy. Our chef will provide 3 meals a day. No alcoholic beverages are provided, so you’ll need to bring whatever spirited drinks you wish to partake at the end of the day.


What Can I Expect On My Pronghorn Antelope Hunt?


Hunters can expect to see an abundance of pronghorn antelope. Though average sizes can vary from year to year, most hunters should expect to have opportunities at pronghorn bucks with 13 – 15 inch horns. This is always a high percentage hunting opportunity, rarely below 100% success rate, so your chances are virtually assured at being able to collect a nice trophy for your game room.


What About Meat & Trophy Care On My Pronghorn Antelope Hunt?


We will fully cape the head and freeze the cape. The carcass will be quartered and you will have the option of either taking your quartered meat back with you or donating the meat. We do not ship meat. You can either take your cape and horns back with you, leave it with us for our taxidermist to mount, or we can ship your cape and horns to your taxidermist.


License For New Mexico Antelope Hunting


Through a landowner tag system, your hunting license on your pronghorn antelope hunt is guaranteed with no lottery or drawing. Total cost of your license, tag, and stamp validations is $369 for a non-resident. You can simply fill out our Hunter Profile form and send that back to us with your license fees, and we will have your hunting license waiting for you.


Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Gun Recommendations


Pronghorn antelope hunting does not require a large caliber, but due to the open terrain and the keen eye-sight of pronghorns, a flat shooting rifle is recommended. We do recommend a minimum of a 120 grain bullet and we discourage use of high expandable bullets on any of our big game hunts. Recommended calibers include 25-06, .270, .280, 30-06, and 7mm. A .243 is sufficient, but is a bit on the light side. We recommend that your gun be sighted in dead on at 100 yards, as you can elevate if necessary. Do NOT have your gun sighted in 3" high at 100 yards.


Pronghorn Antelope Hunt
Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

NM Pronghorn Antelope 2015

Vannie Collings

Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

Montgomery Cain - New Mexico 2016

Dave Kjelstrup

New Mexico Pronghorn 2016

N.M. Pronghorn Antelope 2015

Stephen Lowry

New Mexico Pronghorn 2014

Tillman Thomas

New Mexico Pronghorn 2014

Chris Lunt