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Deer Hunting Leases in Texas


Wildlife Systems, Inc. operates Texas hunting leases. We lease land for a variety of game animals, including white-tailed deer, mule deer, dove, quail, turkey, and waterfowl. Wildlife Systems, Inc. enrolls all of the properties into a wildlife management program which usually includes wildlife surveys, recorded harvest data, and certain harvest management strategies, which ensures that our hunting leases are well managed.


Our most popular Texas hunting leases are general hunting leases that allow the members to hunt a variety of game animals. Several of the properties have facilities in place while others have water and electric hookups only. These hunting leases generally run from $3,000-$4,000 per gun. Inquire on availability.








Crockett County - Terry Ranch - Year-Around Hunting Lease


We have an excellent opportunity for a corporate group looking for a large hunting lease. Depending on how we package this up, there is anywhere from 15,600 acres to 18,000 acres available, located between Ozona and Barnhart. This is excellent whitetail country and much of the property is deep soils with mesquite and mixed brush, which grows some very good quality deer. There is also potential for good quail hunting once our quail numbers in Texas bounce back.


The landowner recently built a new hunting 2500 square foot lodge, and this facility will be semi-fully furnished. There is also a new barn, which will be handy for storing feed. Also included with the lease are 15 box blinds and feeders, which are already in place for your convenience. Very little prep time will be necessary to move in and begin hunting.


The lease is priced at $5.00 per acre, and we are looking for one group to lease the entire property. For additional details, give Greg a call at (325)655-0877.















Lower Ranch


For those of you who have been hunting with us for many years, you may be familiar with the Lower Ranch, which we used to offer guided deer hunts on. There is a portion of the property that has come available. Here are the high points.


• 4680 acres located in Coke County, between Robert Lee and Sterling City.


• Price is $6.75 per acre with a maximum buck harvest of 10. Lessee will also be allocated a doe harvest of 15-20 does, and can hunt other game species including quail, turkey, dove, ducks (~12 ponds), and predators.


• Exiting tenant has been on property for several years, and is willing to sale stands and feeders. There is no cabin, but there is an improved campsite with electric and water for RVs.


• Very scenic with plenty of game and lots of appeal.















Sterling County - Quality and Quantity (Already Leased)


Here is an opportunity for someone interested in a large year-around hunting lease that is most well suited for a company type arrangement. Located approximately 10 miles west of Sterling City, this 24,500 acre block provides easy access, nice facilities, and quality deer hunting. Here are a few of the details.


• Two cabins, and one small bunkhouse, with a total of six bedrooms and three bathrooms. Partially furnished. Barn for feed storage, and equipment storage.


• Harvest allotment of 24 bucks, and ~30 does. Enrolled under an MLDP program which provides for an extended hunting season.


• Good quail hunting potential and 2012 has the potential of being a good rebound year for quail.


• Lease Price- $85,000

















Cotton Ranch (Already Leased)


Located in the Golden Triangle, just west of San Angelo, this property is in a location that historically produces the biggest deer that come from this general region of the state.


• 7571 acres located south of Water Valley. Surrounded by big ranch country that is well managed.


• Price is $6.00 per acre and includes use of a small cabin. This is primarily a trophy deer lease, and lessee will be restricted to a 10 buck harvest quota, does, and perhaps limited hunting of other game. Inquire about additional details. Bucks in the 150s and better are not uncommon in years of decent rainfall, such as this year.


S Ranch Whitetail

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Deer Hunting Leases in Texas
Deer Hunting Leases in Texas
Deer Hunting Leases in Texas
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Deer Lease in Texas
Texas Deer Leases
Texas deer hunting leases
Texas Deer hunting leases
Texas Deer Hunting Leases
Texas Deer Hunting Leases