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Premiere Texas Hunting Outfitter since 1987


Wildlife Systems, Inc. was formed by wildlife biologist, Greg Simons, in 1987. The company’s core mission remains the same today, as it did when it began, which is to offer quality hunting services on private lands, while also providing various wildlife management services to private landowners and others who desire technical assistance with wildlife-related matters.


Unlike some hunting-related service companies, Wildlife Systems, Inc. is not simply a booking agency, as the company is also integrally involved with the fulfillment end of operating the camps from which their outfitted hunts are conducted, including scheduling of guides, cooks, and other support staff, not to mention the assortment of pre-hunt and post-hunt work that goes into providing a quality hunt, from start to finish. The company’s dedication to delivering service with excellence was noted through its recognition in 2002 as “Dodge Outfitter of the Year,” and Wildlife Systems, Inc. has also been featured in many national magazines and television shows.


Wildlife Systems, Inc. has grown into one of the most widely recognized hunting operations in the United States, currently operating hunts on some 800,000 acres of private land in Texas and New Mexico, on many different properties scattered over a wide geographical area. It’s affiliate, Wildlife Consultants, LLC, has staff who are involved with various wildlife programs in Texas and several southeastern states, and between these two companies, they provide a broad range of services to hunters, landowners, bank trusts, hunting clubs, wildlife co-ops, and others who are in need services that relate to commercial hunting and wildlife management programs.




Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting


Whitetail deer hunting in Texas is our bread and butter, and with 9 properties that WSI has access to around the state, we have ranches and hunting leases well suited to your whitetail deer hunting needs.  Simply put, WSI is the most diverse whitetail deer hunting outfitter in the business.


Texas Mule Deer Hunting


Texas Mule deer hunting has become an important part of our hunting portfolio and we have been able to establish some of the finest desert mule deer hunting available in Texas. If you are thinking about mule deer hunting Texas, WSI should be your clear choice.


Texas Spring Turkey Hunting


Supporting the largest turkey population of all states, Texas turkey hunting is unsurpassed for those hunters looking for a fabulous spring turkey hunt. Our vast acreage of prime turkey habitat ensures our ability of being able to provide our clients with productive turkey hunting each spring.


New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunting


New Mexico has long been known for its superb pronghorn antelope hunts. WSI has access to over 40,000 acres in Northern New Mexico to offer our pronghorn antelope hunts.


Texas Exotic Hunting


WSI offers an assortment of exotic species hunting. Free range aoudad sheep hunting, free range nilgai antelope hunting, axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, red stag, pure mouflon sheep, blackbuck antelope, scimitar horned oryx, elk, and a variety of other exotic big game hunting can be arranged through our guide and outfitter services. Texas exotics provide a great year around Texas hunting option. Click here to see all of our exotics and price list.



For additional information on hunting in Texas, please contact us and request our 15 page Texas hunting brochure. We look forward to serving as your host on your next Texas hunting trip.




Our Mission Statement


Though its operational strategies are ever-evolving, the fundamental mission of Wildlife Systems, Inc. is to provide a high degree of professionalized service to hunters and landowners, based on hard work, ethical behavior, professionalism, integrity, and wise use of natural resources.

Youtube Texas Whitetail Hunting Videos

La Rucia Trophy Buck

Tom Taylor

2013 Jobe Ranch Mule Deer

Jay Timmins

Texas Mule Deer Hunting
Whitetail Trophy Hunting in Texas
New Mexico Pronghorn Hunting

2014 New Mexico Pronghorn
Chris Lunt

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"The only thing better than hunting whitetails in Texas is hunting whitetails in Texas with Wildlife Systems!"


Jim Hammond

Whitetail Hunter

New Jersey


"Just wanted to say "Thank You"! Had a very good hunt at La Rucia, taking a decent buck. The hospitality and work done by your professionals was outstanding.  As always, I am extremely impressed at the high level of professionalism and work your folks do and that has been true with each hunt I have taken with WSI. Texas is a long way from Japan, but it makes things so much easier when a hunt is organized as well a you all do. Additionally, your deer management program is also very impressive. I certainly look forward to doing another hunt with you in the future."


Stephen Pauli

Whitetail & Oryx Hunter



"We want to thank you for an outstanding hunt.  It is a beautiful ranch and we met some great people.  The guides did a great job and were a pleasure to hunt with.  I'm very proud of the buck he put me on.  This was a hunt and experience that we won't forget.  Thanks again!"


Weston Koehler

New Mexico Pronghorn hunt